It’s that time of year when we heave a sigh of relief with winter behind us and glorious summer ahead. Informally called May 24 weekend, Victoria Day, a uniquely Canadian holiday, is celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria‘s birthday (May 24, 1819).

Queen Victoria

How are you spending THIS Victoria Day LONG weekend?

Here at Chase Cabinetry, this long weekend means more time to make great family memories, backyard BBQs, some serious KanJam, yard work, and yes, it goes without saying – fishing.

We don’t have any travel plans this weekend but we know a lot of you will. From our family to yours, we wish you safe travels and hope you have a fun, relaxed weekend filled with the people and activities you most enjoy.

For trivia buffs – “May 24” historical happenings can be found here .

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 2

Perfect Symmetry and Ultimate Storage

Achieving perfect symmetry is one of those things I love to accomplish in a design like this wall-to-wall built-in cabinetry project. Staying organized with a ‘place for everything and everything in its place’, is my personal obsession so I really enjoy custom builds that assist my clients to meet their storage and organizational needs. I am really pleased with the way this cabinetry turned out and R&J and their boys now have plenty of storage space in their family media room.

Thank you for allowing Chase Cabinetry the opportunity to complete this, and your kitchen cabinet extension project.

JRA-092016 3D Wall to Wall Built-in Cabinet Concept Drawing

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 6

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 4

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 5

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 7

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 3

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 1

Project JRA-092016 Built-in Cabinets Photo 2

Armstrong Kitchen Cabinet Addition

A 12′ “coffee counter” addition to an exisiting kitchen for a client in Oakville. Features all soft close hinges and drawers slides, dovetail solid maple drawer boxes and a butcherblock countertop.

A Great Kitchen starts with CHASE quality

This project presented a challenge because it required building a kitchen cabinet extension abutting an existing kitchen that was now nine years old.  I was a bit apprehensive about being able to match the cabinet doors and crown moulding profiles, the countertop and the cabinet colouring. However, with some effort and perseverance, the client’s goals were achieved.

The existing countertop however, was no longer available. I recommended going with a butcher block countertop that would contrast nicely with the existing one. The client agreed; and the end result is stunning.

From the pre-build concept drawing to project completion, this was a great kitchen cabinet addition project to work on. Many thanks to J&R for allowing Chase Cabinetry the opportunity to complete this kitchen cabinet and countertop project, and their wall-to-wall built-in cabinetry project.

3D Concept Drawing for Kitchen Cabinet Extension Project JRA-081016

Kitchen Cabinet Extension Project JRA-082016 Upper Cabinets Photo

Kitcehn Cabinet Extension Project Bottom Cabinets Photo

Kitchen Cabinet Extension Project JRA-052016 Countertop Photo

Our Client Always Has the Final Say

“Chase was amazing in his effort to match our new custom cabinets and counter extenstion to our existing 9 year old kitchen! We love the finished product.”
– R&J A.